I’m back!


I need advice..

My last period was July 14th. As of today I’m exactly 2 months 2 days late (I have been irregular though I will note). I’ve taken three pregnancy tests since then, the last one Sept 6th at the health clinic, all negative.

I did have some very light spotting a few weeks back 3 weeks after my period. I’m nauseous all morning and throughout the day even after eating, constantly peeing, have a stiff back, come-and-go cramping, weight gain, bloat, feet have been swollen, super weird cravings, vomiting early morning before alarm, really weird spontaneous exhaustion in the middle of the day, and headaches almost every day.

I almost wonder if there’s just not enough hcg in my body to be detected or if I’m really not pregnant and there’s something else going on. I’m concerned enough I’m considering seeing obgyn to see what she thinks. But any advice would be appreciated.