Which medication do you find most effective for menstrual cramps?

canadiangrl💋 • 24❤️ young nurse 👩‍⚕️ 8/23/18 🔒💑

I used to take Advil every 4 hours for cramps. It would take 1-2hrs to fully kick in and the pain would be COMPLETELY gone for 3-4hours from when it kicked in. I started taking aleve because it lasts longer and I thought less medication is better. On the aleve bottle says more than 2 tablets in 24hrs should not be taken. I’m finding that aleve helps my cramps but does not completely alleviate the pain. It seems to just make it bearable, kind of the same intensity as when I was on the pill. I’m sure if I could take double the dose it would work better. Tylenol just doesn’t work in any situation for me so I don’t take it. I just want long lasting pain relief. I have primary dysmenorrhea when not on the bc pill but for other reasons I cannot take hormonal bc pill at the moment.

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