Would you be hurt?

So I woke up out of a dead sleep about 45 mins ago and I was shaking really bad and my throat was so dry and I did not feel well at all.. so I shake my fiance to try and wake him up and I say " I don't feel good I'm very Shakey and my chest hurts" well I get no response so I shake him again and say " i don't feel well I'm very shakey and my chest hurts" well all ingot was " yes I heard you , I'm trying to say I don't think anything is wrong with you you're fine" and he rolls over and goes back to sleep.. it kind of hurt my feelings. Would your feelings be hurt? I know it's the middle of the night but if something was seriously wrong I wanted him to help me. I got a tooth pulled monday and they out me in medication for it so I wasn't sure if I was having a reaction to it or if my blood sugar is low bexjaue all IV ate since Monday is ice cream and a little bit of spaghetti o's... So I wasn't sure if I needed to go to the ER or not especially since my throat felt like it was closing. I think I Started to have an anxiety attack.. maybe I'm over reacting? But I feel kind of hurt that he didn't wake up.