Pregnancy and construction zones

Hey ladies, I’m looking for some thoughts on this topic. I’m 30 weeks and they are currently doing a complete demo and remodel on my floor of my office building. Carpets ripped out, walls stripped, ceilings pulled down, bathrooms gutted. I’ve heard before that pregnant women shouldn’t really be around that kind of work, at least not every day. The other inconvenience is having to go down to the next floor to use the bathroom which is especially annoying when I’m still nauseous and pee like twice an hour. I’m reluctant to say anything to my superiors about my concerns bc I’ve had a rough time so far and have had to take lots of days off, come in late, leave early. But yesterday I noticed the paint fumes right away and could smell it all day, and I got a headache that didn’t go away until I got home. There’s dust everywhere, I just really don’t feel comfortable there. It should be mentioned that I basically always hate going there, I’ve been miserable this whole pregnancy, I’m anemic, and sitting there all day every day trying not to cry or pass out at my desk is brutal. So, do you all think I’m just looking for something to complain about, or do you think I would be somewhat justified in bringing up my concerns about the safety and health of my baby and me? Thanks for your input!