About 3 years ago this random guy started facebook stalking me. It took me a loooong time to accept his friend request but eventually I did. Soon after we started chatting and then before I knew it we were hanging out. Hes not someone I'd normally date but we have found out we have a lot in common and get along GREAT and he has sooo grown on me!!! After a while he started bringing around his friends but I made it clear I was only around for him. I get along with his friends and they all seem to have at least a little crush on me but I never have gone there. After a year or so he randomly flipped out on me and decided we couldnt be friends anymore. I was really super sad but went on with my life. About 3 months later we contacted each other became friends again and started hanging out again. Now it's been just about three years that we have known each other, we have not once had sex or even kissed! We have hardly even hugged. We have "gone our separate" ways 3 or 4 times now and always end up hanging out again. It's totally obvious we really like each other, even his friends see it, but nothing has ever happened! Idk what to do or think. We have never even talked about "us" and at this point idk if he just likes me as a friend or not. I definitely like him more but idk if it would make things awkward or ruin our friendship or how I would even come onto him at this point. We would both do absolutely anything for each other but this is just so weird and idk what to do!!