Etopic pregnancy

I have never had courage to even speak out on this top or even want to remember it I was 18 going on 19 was in a four year relationship we’d have sex all the time we wanted to have a baby but I was allergic to his sperm (yes that may happen ) which means every time we had sex and he came anywhere near my area it would get so iChy and red and feel swollen inside and out .... it went on for years unprotected sex always . I’ve always had normal periods and everything well early days in April 2017 I get what I thought was menstrual cramps I’ve always had them really intense to the point where I’m poping pill and in horrible pain.

But this time around I was trying to walk and it was hurting so badly I sat down asked for a glass of water and as soon as it was in my had I get a seizure well I was out of it I wake up family holding me up I hear the ambulance outside they have to carry me out because at this point I can’t even stand not knowing what was going on I’m on my way to the hospital I start throwing up like crazy everywhere we get there and they immediately get me an altrasound mind you that to me it felt like an eternity I couldn’t answer any questions I was having cold and hot flashes passing out once after another asking for blankets then taking them off because they felt so hot and asked to put water on my face . I could hold that I need to go to the bathroom right there and then because I couldn’t get up

The smell like something horrible had passed

Well my results come in I was pregnant but my baby was in my tube and had ruptured it because it was growing my baby was 9-12. Weeks

Imagine beginning told this I was shook

Seems I’d been bleeding internally for 3 days and my body did not recognize the pain .

Doctor procededed to surgery ..

After all was done they say i had very few possibilities of getting pregnant but the chances of anything etopic pregnancy I was so broken

I just decided not to talk about it and pretand it didn’t happen but I did and I regret not having proper resignation just blurring it out because it was a life it was my baby


2018 January I found out I was pregnant

Full term , no issues she is turning 11 months tomorrow (Rainbow baby )