Tips on keeping baby awake to eat


I am breastfeeding and my baby was doing great until 2 nights ago. I was told to breastfeed him a good 10 minutes on each side every feeding and not to let him go any longer than 3 hours without eating. He was doing 10 minutes at night each side and he would fall asleep but I could wake him enough to get the 10 minutes on each side in. During the day he would eat 10 minutes or more on each side without a problem. Now I can’t keep him awake enough to evening get 10minutes on one side in. I’ve tried taking his clothes off and just letting him in his diaper, I’ve changed positions and had him sitting up, I’ve rubbed his belly, legs, feet, cheeks etc. I’ve changed his diaper to try and get him awake and he just won’t stay awake. I’m not sure what else to do. So any tips would be helpful! T.I.A.