People are so nice 🥰

Me and my SO have come to see a comedian tonight, we’ve had the tickets a since before we found out we were pregnant.

I was worried about coming out because the car park is a million mile walk to the Arena (I have really bad SPD!) and our seats were up in the gods with no hand rails - I’m also 37 weeks with a very engaged baby.

We asked the cheeky question of if we could use the disabled parking just save the excessive walking and all the staff were really really good about it and the lady that checked my bag/ticket when we walked in knew where my seat was and said to let her try and find us something lower down to save the stairs. She got us seats right at the front ☺️ I’d have been happy just to sit a little lower down in the block we were in.

Just a few people have taken my night from anxiety and worry and made it a million times easier 🥰🥰