Aubrey Neomia


Ok, yikes! Now that I have had a chance to calm down from the week it's been, I will share my birth story.

It began Monday when I went to my regular OB appointment and explained I was going into my 7th week of migraines. Blood pressure was consistently high, but no protein in urine. he decided to send me along to see high risk on Thursday.

The high risk doc took one look at my numbers and said I wouldn't be leaving the hospital without a baby, and I'd probably be getting induced that day.

Sure enough, got to labor and delivery and my BP spiked. The out me on a magnesium bag and placed a catheter. They started induction. 12 hours of cervadil, and another 24 of cytotec and my cervix had finally done absolutely nothing aside from soften enough for Cooke's Foley.

They inserted the Foley at around 10am ob Saturday and instantly put me on pitocin. I was not having it.

I finally had enough around 5:30pm and they gave me the sweet and beautiful epidural. Removed the bulb at 3cm and upped the pitocin.

My parents finally got home from their flight from a trip to Russia. So because my parents came home, my family decided to watch the UGA v. Notre Dame game in the hospital room that evening. (Go Dawgs!). Around midnight there was only the artificial progress from the bulb still so we sent the family home as they only live about 20 minutes away.

Well 1am hits and I think that I accidentally pulled my catheter out since i was so numb and suddenly very wet. Turns out my water broke!

Shit got real, really quick. My epidural started failing at this point. And I went from a 4 to a 7 in an hour. Told my husband to call the parents and my sister. Told the nurse I needed an upnon my epidural as I was screaming at this point.

Epidural was upped and at this point it was too high. I began dry heaving, unable to move, and shaking everywhere. Suddenly around 4am, the shaking stopped and feeling started coming back. I was screaming like a banshee saying I needed to push and no one was listening. Finally, they decided to check to see her head literally at the entrance of my vagina and got things moving.

Epidural is now 100% not working and 4 pushes later, my baby pops out so fast, the midwife almost dropped her.

Pretty long story, but the pics are worth it to me...

Meet Aubrey 4lbs10oz 17.75inches long