Need some advice


My fiancé and me don’t use protection and haven’t for the last year and half. Pregnancy hasn’t happened for us, so we continue to keep try but not get our hopes up. On Friday I had a tattoo appointment and before I was feeling off, but figured it was just from being tired from work because I’m a infant teacher. I decided to take a pregnancy test before my tattoo appointment and it was a negative. I think I was about 10 DPO. Well when I woke up the next day after getting the tattoo I started having a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Didn’t think anything of it. Tonight I was having sex with my boyfriend and when I got up to whip I noticed that it was pink but VERY light. Mind you my period isn’t due until the 25th of this month. Is this spotting? Should I be worried? Especially because I just got a tattoo. Help me ease my mind please