Maternity leggings

Josie Olivia • Boy Mom 4/21/20 💙

So I’m only 10 weeks, but the bloat I have is awful. I’m also suffering with ALOT of trapped gasses lately and my normal leggings that have a normal elastic band are really putting awful pressure on my belly. What’s the best place to get maternity leggings. I usually wear a Large thanks to a booty so I’m not sure how I should purchase if I’m not going in store? If there’s not an elastic band and it’s mostly seamless I can usually do a medium-large. Should I order a L and XL and just return one that doesn’t fit? FTM here! Lol.

I know Old Navy maternity it online only with free returns. Right now I just want leggings. (I stay home). But later on for fall I’ll probably look into some skinny jeans