In law problems


So basically my parents and my in laws hate each other.

I'm having my first baby in December which is everyone's first grandchild.

My husband's parents only live like 20 mins away from us whereas my parents live 3-4 hours away.

Idk how this is gonna work when my daughter is born. The last thing I need is there to be conflict when I just gave birth.

Can we just tell my husband's parents to wait till we get home to meet their granddaughter then have my parents meet her at the hospital?

Don't wanna cause trouble 😫

And I feel bad cause my in laws can drop in and see their granddaughter whenever they want cause they technically own the house we live in whereas my parents will rarely get to see her.

Can't win.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


So a lot of you are saying to have neither of them at the hospital and tell them they can visit when we are home. However this house belongs to my husband's parents and my parents are not welcome here and my parents are sooo judgemental so no one wants them to come here. Hence why I'm considering letting my parents meet us at the hospital after she's born. And there is no possible way they would be civil if they all came to the hospital. I can't win. Either way both of them are gonna get offended and angry. Plus I'm already stressed about the fact that I know his parents are gonna try and take over (they are already talking about putting a car seat in their car so they can take our daughter) and my mum will be down my back blowing up my phone about how I should be raising her as well and my parents and my husband's parents have completely different ideas, hence why they don't get along.