Horrible Mother In Law

So me and my mother and law never really seen eye to eye. When I was pregnant she swore the baby wasn’t her sons, demanded a dna test and didn’t come around nor accept my pregnancy up until I was 36 wks along. No matter how many times he told her our baby was his she just couldn’t accept it. She’s always been horrible to me , even when I had my baby. Our baby would get sick , and I would call him 2xs because I needed a ride to the er due to her fevers running high, she said as a women I needed to learn how to do things on my own and if it was that serious then call him and have him come to the hospital. She would also tell me things like “if you keep calling him he’ll get bored of you” and “just because you have a baby with someone, that doesn’t secure a husband” she has told people that supposedly me and my husband aren’t financially stable and that I need a job. Well the last straw for me was last weekend when I made him sandwiches because I was in a rush to get to class on time. I get home from class around 10:20 pm and she immediately says to me “he’s been eating sandwiches for two days, I don’t see why you can’t get him lunch made when you don’t have a job, I work and still manage to get food on the table for my husband” . I blocked her and haven’t talked to her since. I told my husband she got what she wanted she keeps picking at me well guess what “the bitch in me is out”