He was all over me...now ghosting me?

I’ve been talking to this guy for 3 months now. We always hang out, I’ve met all his friends, we even went on a trip together. There’s been times where he’s gotten frustrated with me and ignored me for a week. But we’d always get back to hanging out.

This past week we hung out. He spent the night. We talked all day the next few days. Last night after work I called him to see if he wanted to go get food. He didn’t answer. Sometimes he answers on the second one, so I said f it and called again. But he never answered. I texted him right after to kinda explain why I was calling just asking if he wanted to go get food. But nothing. 40 mins later he posted that he went out for food. Idk who he went with but I was thinking his friend who was trying to hit him up the night before, plus he was even calling his friend earlier the same day asking what he was doing.

We literally went out with friends the night before and he walked me to the bathroom and waited for me. He even told me his friend wanted to hang that night but it was too late. Idk how he went from all of that to ghosting me? My birthday is this week and I was going out and going to invite him, but now I’m scared to even text him again. His friends have even asked me to go out for my bday. He usually will always view my stories first, but he hasn’t today. Idk what’s up. And idk what to do???