Have you see the post on here of the woman who accidentally let a small fart out and something else slipped!😂 okay so I died laughing but now... I’m so mad ! I think she jinxed me!? So I’m a sahm but my guy works night shift so I get my me time in the morning (when I’m supposed to be sleep) I’m standing looking at fruit baskets on hulu and on the phone and my stomach is grumbling (bad, because I have hemorrhoids I took some miralax one cup at first then I took another two cups because I was in pain and crying it was bad) so I look around and of course no one is there and I try and do a cute like fart 😭

5 seconds later I’m like omg is this a period! So I touch it and 🤢 I ran to the bathroom and now in just sitting on the toilet I’m finna take a whole shower then a bath.😂