C section moms—


TLDR: my first child’s birth was a wee bit traumatic and my current OB says he is 100% ok if I opt for an elective c section this go around.

In December I gave birth vaginally and hemorrhaged immediately after. I had to have a d&c and if it didn’t stop the bleeding I could’ve potentially ended up with a hysterectomy. I needed two units of blood after (thanks strangers). I’m a lil shook from it and don’t like thinking about it.

I’m 14 weeks with baby 2 now and my OB said today that he would support a c section if that’s what I wanted. So now that I know it’s an option I need to consider both.

So moms who have had c sections (especially planned c sections), what was your experience. There has only been one c section in my immediate family and it was very much an emergency. Any insight would be grand. ❤️