Water or discharge? TMI

Just had sex with the husband in the shower and i stayed in the shower for another 10 mins. Did my skincare to prepare for sleep maybe for another 15 minutes, sat on the bed, started putting on essential oils for me to sleep easy and then i felt a tiny gush of liquid.

Stood up and spot a small stain on the bed, checked my undies and i already wet them. Laid down for another 10 mins, stood up and the stain got even bigger and yet again i left a tiny stain on the bed. Its a bit gel like discharge and i’m currently laying flat for another 30 minutes to see if there’s going to be leave more stain.

Not sure if i could have that much discharge after sex and not sure if it could be water breaking cause its not like a gush of waterfall neither did it started to trickledown. But positive it isn’t pee. Help?