love πŸ™„πŸ™„

okay so i just started university and on my first day i met this really amazing guy, he was definitely flirting with me. i feel like i have known him my entire life but i’ve only known him for a month, he is so easy to be around and i feel like i can fully be myself without judgement. we constantly hang out and the other day when we were hanging out he told me that his gf doesn’t know about me because she would be mad that he’s hanging out with someone who is of the opposite gender and is attractive. i genuinely think he has feelings for me just because of how he acts and i do have feelings for him. the issue is that he obviously has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend. i’ve been trying to sort everything out in my head around the entire situation because i love my boyfriend and we are coming up on two years pretty soon but i also feel like we’ve grown apart and aren’t on the same level anymore.

i have no idea what to do or how to go about talking to either my boyfriend or my friend about this situation ITS SO STRESSFUL. pls give me some good tips/advice on this even though there is a lot more information about actions etc that aren’t in this post.