This should be an Olympic sport somehow


Backstory: My little dude has been fighting naps HARD this week, and it took me an hour to get him down today. He needed a solid two hours.

I’m wrapping up my last semester of nursing school and started applying for jobs already. I found an open position in the facility that I DREAM about working in and applied on a whim. I’ve been in touch with two of the nurse managers and the nurse recruiter for the hospital, and got an email two weeks ago saying that I’d been selected to interview for the position and to reach the recruiter to schedule it. I’ve called and emailed her, and she finally called me back today WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING. On me. It’s a career goal of mine to work here one day, and I might be able to start my nursing career there. I’m nerding out. But I was also panicking because I can’t wake the babe or he’ll cry and scream and this lady sounds like she would not find it amusing or cute. I had to move him to the boppy lounger without waking him and I somehow managed to put him face down 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ So, talking to this woman, trying to play it cool and pay attention to her while also trying to move my child so he can breathe, but not so much that I’ll wake him, got him situated. Whew. Had to rush to grab pen and paper and not sound out of breath and hide the fact that I’m basically whispering, I had to frantically scribble notes about where to go and when and what to do, all while patting his butt to keep him asleep. Fun fact, mom brain makes it really hard to mentally juggle 5,000 things while trying to keep an infant asleep and act like you’re not doing anything but paying attention and being professional.

He slept. I pulled it off. Interview is next Friday. I’m suddenly exhausted and might pass out now. Thanks for letting me share this ordeal.