Do a gender reveal now or at birth?

Okay so it’s my birthday tomorrow and we will have everyone there. I know the gender we are having but my partner doesn’t. So it will be more for him and our families. We were originally gonna go it at the birth but I accidentally already know and I haven’t told him yet. I thought to make it even do one tomorrow for my birthday. Is should I wait and keep my secret u til February when it’s born. I can’t tell my hubby to keep the secret as well because he has such a big ass mouth. So what does everyone think.

(BTW I’m obviously gonna wait to see what my hubby wants first and if he doesn’t mind or wants to then I will refer to this poll. If he DOES NOT want to know until birth then I’ll obviously just keep my secret with me)

Another note to fill you all in...ITS A GIRL. 💖

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