How do I ? I need help


Ok so me and my mum have been tight for a number of years, I meet my partner a year and a bit ago befor I meet my partner I was still living at home with my mum, then slowly I moved out in that yeah. My partner was flatting with is sisters family I was welcome to come and go when ever I pleased. I got to the point where I was living out of my backpack I wasn't really living anywhere, I don't like to be home cos I was living in farming land and I couldn't drive so all I could do was talk to the cows and stuff ( I was trapped ) and I had no friends so all my time was spent at home with mum. I do not like it one bit

I got to the point where my mum was dragging me back, it got to the point where we, me and my partner looking for places to live so I didn't have to live inside a backpack. I also have a little dog that I needed to think about and not much rentals are allowed pets and mum said if I moved out I can not leave with out taking the dog

Anyways long story short my mum BROUGHT ME A HOUSE to live in (of course with my partner) I dont no what to think I don't even no now its passed being grateful, mum can be very intimidating and very hard work to most people including me sometimes, most the time; partner is all ready done with her crap and I'm definitely done with it too,

we do not get a break from her every 1 or 2 weeks she comes up for a visit and maybe to stay over night but she stresses everyone out in the process and then goes when we finally come back down she comes up here again, it's an on going cycle and I really do hate it and my partner is very annoyed at her and he can't stand her and I'm almost at breaking point my partner is at breaking point

How do I cope with this and stand up for us (me and my partner) ?

I don't wanna leave my partner he is the best thing what happened to be

(Ps I'm 22 and my partner is 26 hes all ready done his share of mummy and daddy looks after him