Fiancé never compliments me

We have been together for about 4 years now. We have 2 beautiful kids together & 1 on the way. I’ve never been the jealous type but recently I’ve been curious about everything even this relationship. Reason is my fiancé never compliments me even when I try to look good. He has cheated through social media flirting with other girls calling them beautiful,sexy etc. but he NEVER calls me that. He’s has done that twice since our youngest was born. I told him how I felt & how insecure I feel and he just doesn’t seem to care at all. He call celebrities sexy or fine but never me. I’m a stay at home so I rarely go out as is and been extremely insecure about myself. He’s excuse is “well you don’t try to make yourself look good at all” or “well you don’t tell me I’m handsome or if I look good.” But I HAVE never given him a reason to be insecure. Tomorrow is my birthday & today his young friend (about 14) FaceTimed him and said “Your wife is so fine” & his response was “Yup” really??? Yup!??? So after he hung up I questioned him on why did he just say “yup” and his response was “Your not fine” I honestly feel like just breaking up with him and I hate that it’ll be on my birthday because I’m tired of this.