Implantation Bleeding??? [TMI PIC ATTACHED]


Not certain how many DPO I am. We BD twice (7th & 9th) in my fertile window (5/6th-10th) based on my apps, but I didn’t track anything using temps or OPKs this month. Based on my apps, I am 4-6dpo. Period is due the 23-24. Could this be implantation bleeding? Brown vs pink, and some cervical mucous with brown in it. Thoughts?

Kind of freaking out a bit. I started the tiniest dose of thyroid medicine about five weeks ago to help with TTC. I had a really bad headache yesterday morning. (But I usually get a headache when my hormones shift between phases) I’ve been dizzy since before we BD but thought it was vertigo. (I never get dizzy.) Still having some dizzy spells. My pelvic area has felt different but I chalked it up to me being hypersensitive to the thought of me being pregnant. (This is month 5 of us TTC.) Not wanting to get my hopes up but curious!

Also bursting to talk about this with someone but all the someone’s I want to talk about it with are people I want to surprise if I am pregnant! So HIIII FRIENDSSSS LETS TALK!

Could it be implantation bleeding? Could the thyroid medicine be making my cycle crazy off?y