Why’s he act this way?

I could say My feelings were hurt when you....

He responds What did I do wrong? You blame me for everything! What about how I feel?


He will run out while I’m asleep to get smokes

When I wake up I’ll ask

Did you by chance grab any pop since we are out

Suddenly he’s the only one not aware there’s no pop even though he gets in the fridge more often than anyone else

He will say you should’ve asked I’m tired of being blamed for shit I did or didn’t do this is getting old!im so sick of being blamed for every single thing

This pop scene doesn’t happen regularly just twice maybe 3 times.... in the last couple years

Or a good one is this morning

His phone kept going off so I woke up he didn’t

He woke up 10-15 mins later he said it’s early why’re you up

I said no big deal but your phone was going off so I woke up

He said see once again blaming me oh no oh no my phone went off uh oh she woke up

I said I wasn’t even complaining

He said no but blaming me

I said I wasn’t even doing that

He said denial like always

I feel what I say is normal

His reactions responses are weird to me but I end up feeling like a loser like oh I shouldn’t of said that

Not cheating he may of in the past by past I mean 13-15 months ago ... unsure he was on 6 dating sites but when I discovered them before telling him I monitored them for 2 months no messages were sent off them no activity he said idk why I joined them swears he is not a cheater never chatted with another woman over and over he’s sworn that I mean sure he was doing weird things wanting to unsync his iPad from the phone as he suddenly didn’t like both going off alway taking his phone with him like if he went out to mow etc always wanting to run to subway but since I called him out he stopped going out so much and leaves his phone out with me more he at one point made a point to change our route home to drive by subway until I got angry/upset about it so he quit doing that and claimed our 9 year old asked him to change the route same with the date sites he first said our 12 year old made the accounts and added the pics of my hubby on there and filled out the profiles

He’s 46

I’m 38

He’s never ever done this or said these things in our relationship EVER not until after I discovered he was on 6 dating sits and was constantly checking out this girl who worked at subway Facebook page daily over and over and poked her and he claims he poked her on FB and it means nothing I’m like you never poke anyone on FB and he said so what I poked her I said people do that to get the other persons attention and he said no that’s not true