Maternity Leave

Mama D • JDH 💙🌈 🤰🏻 #2

So my plan was to work until the 25th... this isn’t that far away and would put me at almost 39 weeks. HOWEVER... I am so exhausted and my pelvis hurts so bad I can barely walk and the job I work I have to walk around all day and get up and down a lot.... I’m in the US and plan on taking 12 weeks off. I know if I decide this is my last week that’ll take away from the baby however, the Dr doesn’t believe I’ll make it to 40 weeks as I’m progressing each appt. 2 cm dilated 80% effaced, lost mucus plug etc. since I’m always on my feet this is probably why.

Anyways... what’s your personal opinion on taking leave just a week earlier than intended? Do you think I’ll regret it? Do you think it’s good for me to relax and chill the eff out? Lol I’m in such a struggle that I hurt and want to leave but also want time with my baby ughhhh