Delayed miscarriage- unbelievable


Was supposedly 7-8 weeks . Had booking appointment on 28 Oct. started getting brown discharge around Wednesday got darker by Friday so went to a&e last night . After four hours wait was told that blood levels are too

Low and most probably failed pregnancy and threatened miscarriage. Scan booked for Monday morning. Obviously as devastated as I was woke up today and booked private scan . I was informed there that amniotic sac is empty there is no baby inside and it’s too small a size for woman whose 7-8 weeks pregnant. The sac was size of 2-3 weeks . The scan didn’t show a baby in the womb . Further informed that I had delayed miscarriage around 3-4 weeks without pain cramps or bleeding. I’m still in shock and emotionally broken . Have been asked to today results on Monday at hospital scan . They might do another blood test but highly unlikely that hcg levels will be high if they are it would mean it’s early pregnancy and not 7—8 weeks ( which for me doesn’t make sense).