Baby Girl is Born 💕

Christina • Mommy Of 2 💕💙

My Baby Girl finally made her arrival 10-18-19!!! 1 day before her due date

We went in on Thursday night to be induced! We started the induction with the balloon method and light pitocin around 9pm and cramping kicked in instantly. It eased out & I was able to rest for the night . The balloon method

Worked for me because by 6 am I was dilated to a 6.5 . From there we kept increasing pitocin and contractions kept coming but nothing too serious . We decided to break my water around 12pm and that’s when it got intense! Lots of pressure and the contractions were real at that point. I labored for 6 hours and my babygirl made her arrival last night at 6:08 pm weighing 7lbs & 3 oz 😍 We are OBSESSED with her!!! Here are a few photos 🥰The second one is one of her hospital photos they took this morning. Hospital photos have really come a long way lOl