Is he coming back?

My boyfriend of 2 years randomly broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We had been having some moments that felt like things weren’t working because we didn’t know what to talk about at dinner and such. But I never thought to actually say it isn’t working because our good times were so much better. Other than those moments, we’ve always had so much fun together, just 6 months ago we went on a luxurious romantic trip to Costa Rica. We’d talk about marriage and never said “if” we get married, it was always WHEN we get married, WHEN we have kids...etc. Not too long ago we both believed that each other was the one... then after I snapped at him a little for seeming uninterested in talking to me at dinner he said that this wasn’t working and that he needed some space. I asked if it was a break or break up and he said it was a break up but that “best case scenario we come back stronger” I asked him what I needed to prepare my heart for and he said he didn’t know cause he’s talked to me everyday for 2 years and does not know if it will be better. I know he’s in a bad place right now, he’s just moved to a new place and he is unemployed and very depressed, but I thought I made that better. I realize that with the effort I wanted him to put in that our relationship could’ve started to feel like a burden, but will he come back? He said I’m the love of his life and his everything, and just last month told me I’d never lose him. Now he’s been gone for 2 weeks and though I’m trying my best to use space for self improvement, my every thought is about when/if he’s coming back and why this happened and how to fix it and trying to understand how he could have still been in love with me the night before.

The only time we’ve really spoken throughout this break was on his birthday and we stayed up til 4:30 AM talking after I texted him at midnight and he said he loved and missed me and he was so excited to hear from me and we talked for so long. Next day we had to discuss boundaries and so we’ve remained hardly any contact since that. But the night of his birthday I told him I respected his need for space and that we’d learn how to love each other better and he said “I think I’ve already learned how to love you better” and that he “loves and respects me even more” now. I know he’s confused too, but I need something to grasp too.