I need advice ASAP!!!!

So I’m talking to this guy in Toronto and I’m in Vancouver we met through my bsf that’s her cousin and shes fine with it. We use to talk before 2 years ago and then all of a sudden he stopped talking cause he found a new girl and like I was mad but moved on aftrt months then later on he started hmu again saying he was missing me and reached out this year and it’s like I forgive him cause he apologized and said he wanted a chance and when we talked on the phone I got more attached and caught feelings but my bsf told me to not get my hopes up but it’s something I can’t control like and now within a span of 2 weeks I tell him how I feel like what I looking for in the future or is it worth me talking to him in The future and Rn and he replies with “I don’t have time to talk to u everyday” “I’m sorry” “I’ll talk in person” its like u wanted a chance and I’m giving u that and I already caught feelings and I need help lke idk what to do I’ll update if anytying comes up but please I need advice I feel so down.