My boss hates when I don't wear make up

So I have worked for a company for a while. I have a couple different bosses which has been difficult but I'm pushing threw. I work in a customer facing professional envieonment. I'm pregnant. I always come to work wearing professional attire. My hair is clean and brushed ect. But most days I come to work without doing my makeup. 1. Because I don't have time. 2 because it has become less important to me. And 3. Because Im honestly comfortable enough in my own skin to pay too much mind to it. Which has taken me a long time to accept. But my boss is constantly making comments about my appearance. How I should have lost weight before getting pregnant. How my nail polish sometimes chips. How I don't come to work with make up on every day. Mind you none of these comments are relevant to our dress code. So many times I'm broken down and insulted and made to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I don't know what to do or how to address it as I know I will receive some sort of backlash for bringing it up. I just need advice before I end up quitting the job I love because 1 person doesn't respect me enough to just be kind.