How much help do you need with a baby?


For those of you who have already had newborns. How much help would you say is required for that newborn stage and with small kids in general?

My husband and I are on the fence about moving closer to family. They’re currently 1.5 hr away. On one hand it would be great to have extra help from grandmas, but on the other hand moving would mean the commute for my husbands work would be incredibly long. So I’m not sure which sacrifice makes more sense. Either we only get occasional help from when someone can drive to us, or we get more help but hubs commute would be killer daily! Which means he would be home less 🤷🏼‍♀️

What do you think? What are your experiences?

Another big question though is babysitting! How do you guys work around that? It’s super expensive where I live. And if I go back to work then you need someone to watch the baby. Or to even step out of the house for anything you need someone to watch it. So I’m looking at it from that standpoint. Not just solely for the newborn stage.