I'm scared *update*

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Two days ago I was diagnosed with a 3cm subchorionic hematoma and the doctor told me I have a threatened miscarriage. The baby's heartbeat was 114 and I was measuring one day off according to the ultrasound and my dates. I had to drive home from the hospital alone but I was extra careful because of pelvic rest. I remember when I tried driving after my cesarean and it was painful. So I understand how driving can affect me. I got home and I've been on the couch for the past two days. I've been drinking tons of water and eating when I can. I'm still nauseous. My boobs are still sore a little but I'm worried that the doctor will be right. I haven't passed any big clots or cramped at all but I'm still terrified and I can't shake it. I still have a little pink on the toilet paper but I didn't really bleed that much in the first place. I just keep thinking about the heartbeat 114 and I measured 6.3 weeks pregnant. I'll be seven weeks tomorrow and I will be on my doctor's step. 👣🙏💪❤️🌈😥🙏

I have been on bedrest for the past four days. I barely got up to shower! Have an sch is so nerve wracking!!! Well today I decided to go back in to get my levels checked to see if the sch was taking over. I am happy to announce my baby's heartbeat increased from 114 on Friday to 134 this Tuesday!!!! My bleeding has stopped and I'm not cramping. And I am hungry and nauseated so I'm good. 😍 I'm so happy baby is growing and I pray that we continue growing. Having a subchorionic hematoma is scary as hell but it is treatable as long as I take it easy everything will be fine. 👣🌈❤️😍💞