C-section pain

Jennifer • 💗👶🏻October 9, 2019💗 || 💙👶🏻July 27, 2021💙

I had a c-section two weeks ago tomorrow, and yesterday evening, I started having sharp pains where my incision is. It feels like little needles/knives being jabbed into my skin. Today I also started feeling a lot of pressure and dull pain internally. There is now swelling in the area where I’m feeling the sharp pain. I called my doctor yesterday and he said that it’s probably due to constipation, but it doesn’t feel like that at all. I tried to explain it to him but he just said it’s my bowels. Prior to this, I hadn’t really had any pain for almost a week. I’m back to taking the pain meds they gave me because it hurts so bad. Anyone else experience this? Is it all just the normal process of healing?