Birth story time 🥳


I’ll try not to make this to long lol but this birth was by far the easiest, fastest birth ever. My nurse and midwife were shocked! So anyway, I arrive at hospital to be induced at 3am. I am 39 weeks exactly. They check me and say yup your at 4 cm very stretchy cervix. So I get my IV and start pitocin drip of only 1 by around 6. I get up to go pee and my vagina feels like a million pounds heavy. I look in the toilet and I lost my mucus plug! So I go to sit back down on the bed and I feel a gush of fluid. I stand up and look on the bed and there’s lots of fluid. As I’m standing up studying what just happen, all this fluid just flows down my legs into a big ol puddle lol I call my nurse and she comes in and says yup looks like that’s your water. So I lay back down and she checks my cervix, says I’m at a 6. More fluid gushes out and she says let’s go ahead and get epidural cause I told her I wanted one from the beginning. I’m at a pitocin drip of 4 by this time. So I get my epidural at 8am and they check me again, I’m at 7! So I’m laying there feeling good from the epidural, and all of a sudden I get massive pain in my butt and vagina and I say omg I feel like I need to push. So I ring in my nurse, my midwife checks me and says yup you’re ready to have baby. So I start pushing and 2 sets of pushing she was out! It was so fast and easy I loved that my body went from 4cm to 10cm within literally 3 hours. My sweet girl has been such an easy baby also! Breast feeding is a challenge but I love it. So happy to have the babes here and luckily her sissy adores her and isn’t jealous 😝 7 pounds 1 oz and 20 inches long born exactly at 9am!🥳♥️