Name judgement is getting OLD!

Zoe • Vegas Mama

We’re expecting baby #2 and this time the gender is a surprise! We have names picked out for either gender and we absolutely love them both. I am 1 of 2 kids that my mom had and my older sister has a beautiful long name, Desdemona Star Chambers Martinez... my mom named her. My dad got to have majority day in naming me and I got stuck with Zoë Ena Martinez... Zoë was a name he liked from an ex-girlfriend 🙄 and Ena they said was my 6th great grandma’s name in Sioux but Ena actually means Mom in English so more than likely that was just what the tribe called her.. and up until I was 7yrs old we pronounced it wrong ANYWAYYYY growing up when people would ask my sister and mine name it was always “woooow Desdemona Star? That’s such a beautiful name.. *looks at me* you know we have a dog named Zoe!” And I just hated it SOOOO I promised myself to give ALL my children unique long names. My husband’s name is Jose Hernandez so he also likes the idea of giving our kids something unique. ANYWAYYYY my daughter’s name is Nizhóní Hokulani Martinez-Hernandez (we weren’t married when we had her so I gave her my name too). Nizhóní is navajo which is from my culture, Holulani is Hawaiian from my husband’s step family who is as good as blood. With our second baby we wanted them to have an Aztec or Mexican influences name to represent his culture so if it’s a son we’re naming him Vincent Leonicio Tupac Hernandez. Vincent is just a name we love, Leonicio is my husband’s middle name, and Tupac is Aztec for warrior. But these ignorant people we tell literally laugh when they hear Tupac 🙄 and they’ll make jokes and it’s so irritating! I understand he made that name famous and it just so happens to be ridiculously unique but for us it represents his family’s history, culture, and I just think it’s really ignorant for people to hear that name and just ASSUME we’re naming him AFTER 2pac 😤 Tupac was a name before he became famous and just because he made it famous doesn’t mean that’s why we’re naming our son that. This is so long but I wanted to give the back story to why we fell in love with such a unique and long name. I’m hoping we have a girl but if we have a boy I will teach him to stand up for himself and educate others to respect the cultures of other people.