We got our embryo grading results today


So our 1 normal embryo is graded as an AB. After much research I learned about the grading and what it means. So there are just the 3 letters..... A is good B is fair and C is poor. There is also a number which is the expansion of the blastocyst (inner fluid filled area of the blastocyst). The first letter is the ICM (inner cell mass). Then the second letter is the TE (trophectoderm) which develops into the placenta. According to a study of 984 participants the grading was as follows:

Excellent......> or equal to 3AA

Good........3-6AB, 3-6 BA, 1-2AA

Average.....3-6BB, 3-6AC, 3-6CA, 1-2AB, 1-2BA

Poor.......1-6BC, 1-6CC, 1-2BB

They found that the expansion size did not have any effect on live birth rates. They also found very small differences in live birth rates for excellent and good blastocysts. For those in the average and poor quality range there was a significant decline in live birth rates.

I hope this was helpful. After 7 eggs retrieved, 4 embryos and 1 normal AB baby girl, we couldn't be more pleased. We are extremely confident our little girl will be a sticky bean🙏😁 Baby dust to all TTC