Husband shaming me for not making my own baby food...

So I had the idea that I would make 100% of my babys food at home. All her purees made right in our blender.

My baby is exclusively breastfed and my husband has basically forbid any sort of formula (he takes SO MUCH pride in her being breastfed).

So now that baby is 6 months I have started making purees.. the thing is that it's super demanding on my breasts to produce enough to feed her and also enough to combine for the purees. I tried making a few and found it more stressful than anything. Instead of being fun it became a dreadful event in which I felt I was failing because I could hardly produce enough breastmilk to make a smooth puree. And the ones I did manage to make our baby HATED the taste of.

So, I broke down and bough some Beachnut Organic baby food. The very first one I tried the baby LOOOOOVED. I had never seen her so eager to eat a puree. She was practically lunging at the spoon.

My husband got really upset at me when he found out I fed her jarred food. He said it's not made from "grade A hand picked produce" like it would be if I made it at home... I feel guilty but as a stay at home mom with 2 kids I feel this is what will work for me. Obviously once she is old enough to eat more than purees I will always cook for her and she will eat what we eat (I cook home made dinners from scratch every night). But for this puree stage I think buying jarred is what will work best for me.

I just don't think it's fair for him to get so upset at me. I picked a nice organic brand and she really enjoyed it. Am I really that awful for doing so? 😔