My mom

What am I supposed to do about my mom? She makes me not want to be home, hell, I dont even want to be in the same state as her at this point but I'm only 15 so it's not like I can go anywhere but I'm just so tired of her shit. Shes always screaming and angry, shes only actually happy maybe once a month. Sounds like an understatement but it's not. She makes me out to be the root of all problems when I've done nothing wrong and it's to the point where she'll make shit up and even lie to my dad to get me in trouble. So what do I do? I cant talk to my dad about it because then I'm "just talking back and being disrespectful" I OBVIOUSLY cant talk to my mom about it because then she either yells at me more or guilt trips me, and my therapist retired without warning me so I have no one to vent to and that includes friends, I only have one but hes toxic and wouldnt let me vent (it's a long story) so what am I going to do? I cant spend the next three years hating every moment of my existence.

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