I feel guilty.....

So mine and my husbands sex life hasn’t been the greatest lately. My sex drive is constantly through the roof and his is almost none existent. We do have sex and our relationship is so great. It’s just our sex life that struggles. So he and I talked about it and we decided it was ok for me to make a pornhub account and I could watch porn and dirty talk with other guys. That’s strictly all it is. I just dirty talk with them and then either have sex with my husband if he’s feeling it or I masturbate. He said he is fine with guys sending me pictures, but I can’t send them pictures which I’m fine with. This is something we are both ok with and have come to an agreement upon and agreed that it’s not cheating to us. I will never meet or have sex with these people. It’s strictly talking. Yet I feel so guilty about it. I get so horny and wrapped up in being horny that I can’t help myself though. I love dirty talking with these guys and my husband is totally fine with it. Idk why it’s bothering me so badly.


I’m well aware he could do the same thing to me and we’ve talked about that. I’m fine with it as long as he continues to have sex with me. He’s watched porn for years. We’ve even talked about watching porn together and may try that. We’ve covered our bases with this. It was a long discussion, not just grazed over.