Annoyed with doctor

I went to the doctor today because I had some brown discharge over the weekend and then a ton of gushes of watery fluid/discharge. So needless to say I was concerned.

I had been in last week for a routine appt and then again because I thought I had a UTI. Baby was just sitting on my bladder.

Today I saw the same NP I saw last week when I thought I had an infection. Before I saw her, I had an ultrasound to make sure my fluid levels were okay and my cervix was closed. And the tech was super nice.

The NP seemed so annoyed to see me back there, told me my pelvic exam last week plus exercising was the cause of my discharge, and then did the most painful pelvis exam I’ve ever had. It felt she just shoved the speculum in and then checked my cervix but she was so so rough.

I left with peace of mind that everything was okay but I was not happy. I almost wish I had just gone to the hospital because she just made me feel silly for being there.