I feel terrible but i can’t tell anybody

Is anybody else feeling really crappy?

It’s so hard to talk to anybody because everyone is so positive and gushy about this pregnancy and how amazing it is and how I should enjoy it as much as I can but honestly.... I think it sucks.

I’ve been so sick and vomiting up to week 15.5, as soon as the vomit stopped I’ve caught a stinking viral thing so my chest is killing me and I’ve got a cold, my insides are crampy and I’ve been getting stabbing pains and back ache which I know are all normal and midwife and gp says nothing to be done, and to top it off I can’t sleep, I’ve had some terrible dreams and thoughts and I’m so emotional I want to cry all the time.

Ive become a horrible moany poorly mess and my poor OH is being an angel and I wanted to enjoy this but I secretly am really really struggling.

I just want to go to sleep and not wake up until it’s all over and I feel so guilty for not sending my baby positivity whilst it’s growing in there.

I can’t be the only woman to feel this way in pregnancy surely?! I’m struggling to see how I’m going to feel when they come into the world, not exactly promising is it! What if they know I’ve not been happy and I’ve secretly been thinking they’re a tiny pain in the ass and I can’t get my act together 😭