My dog 🐶 is either sweet or the dog from hell !!! help


So here is my sweet boy Harlee

Doesn’t he look so sweet

Well he’s driving me nuts. This morning we wake up and I’m getting ready to use the bathroom, but he has to go so we head outside. He uses the bathroom & jets off . Like at 100mph . The grass is dewy . So I can’t really run . We live like on 2 acres. He runs to a house across the street . But it’s 8 am so there is traffic and school busses. I see where he goes and decide to drive and pick him up . I park my Jeep in some random persons yard hoping they don’t come out . And there Harlee is , just having a jolly ol time sniffing around these peoples property. So then he jets back across the street . But I’m scared because he’s not looking and cars are flying . I back out into the road hoping he doesn’t try to chase my car. He’s running in circles. I’m calling him pulling out toys from the hatch . This truck pulls over and thinks I hit something so they come to help but when they see I’m fine they leave. Then I decide all I can do is back my car off the road . And chase him home. It’s now 8:30 and I’m running through wet grass to chase him home . He’s having a blast . He stop because he’s tired but then notices me coming toward him and takes off toward the house. And I’m in pjs and flip flops . Currently sweating bullets. We get to the house door and looks at my like “ i know I’m in trouble right” . Which he most definitely was. I don’t know what to do . This isn’t the first time . One time the cops brought him home . He’s the sweetest most well behaved relaxed dog in the house . He knows his commands . And knows right from wrong. I tried taking him on a leash but he won’t use the bathroom. So we’re just sitting outside for 30 mins starring at each other. He has an issue with freedom . He will not listen to me when we are outside. I

I love my boy , but Idk what to do about this because he knows about wrong and right. Because he can look at you with these eyes when he knows he did something bad .

Doggie Moms can you help me out here

I rescued him about a year ago but he was only like 4/5 months .