So much mucous discharge after sweep

MB • MPH Epidemiologist, current SAHM to Isla Emmanuelle, Oct 2017 and Ford Efrain Nov 2019

Hi All, I feel silly even asking this, since it’s my second baby, but I was induced with my first.

I had a membrane sweep yesterday and have had so, so much mucous discharge ever since. Is that normal? It’s not liquid, I’ve been monitoring that to make sure I wasn’t leaning my waters, but I’m wearing a pad and it’s just mucous.

I had a little bit of blood in the discharge yesterday evening (which my doctor warned me might happen) and some sporadic cramps and contractions, but nothing consistent whatsoever. But dang, the amount of discharge is unreal! I never went through this with my first at all.

I mostly ask because even on pitocin I didn’t really feel like I was having contractions until I was 6 cm or so, at which point I got an epidural. The monitors said I have having them two minutes apart but I didn’t really feel much, so I’m a little concerned.

Anyways, if you had a sweep, did you have a lot of mucous discharge?