Off topic vent

Took us almost two years to find a home we close in 2.5 weeks. Then today the realtor tells us the seller just decided he doesn’t want to sell. No probable cause. Yes we are in a legally bind contract but we have two options ..,,,,

A) get our money back for earnest money , appraisal and inspection.

And look for a new home

B) take legal action and take him to court, which could possible result to us getting the home but also could take up to a year or so and cost more money. But at the moment our realtor can not force him to abide by the contract.only a judge or police can if we took him to court.

Just venting because it helps me stay calm but deep down I am beyond pissed. We were looking forward to new beginnings, first home and providing more space for our son to explore more without us redirecting him.