Worried about his ex

Hi there

I've just found out that I am pregnant.

And I'm really really happy and excited.

But my husband and his ex recently started fighting about the kids because she doesn't have her shit together and he wants the kids (they have 3 kids together) to have a nice life and future. Yet now she takes a lot of money she receives for the kids and undoubtedly uses it for herself.

Since the kids are therefore poorly taken care of, my husband wants to do more, get all the support and make sure all their bills are paid (school meals, doctor, hairdresser, clothes, other support like tutorings and developmental guidance as 2 of them are 'special needs' the eldest has ADHD and autism and the middle one has a developmental speach disorder)

She doesn't want that because she's definitely not using the support she gets for the kids. She also doesn't make it open communication or even visible to him. So they are fighting.


So I'm really worried because before they got divorced she wanted another kid for all the wrong reasons and he didn't want another kid with her because it was the wrong reasons. (she wanted to keep trying for a girl because she wanted a daughter, she didn't care howmany unloved boys she would create to have her daughter)


So if she finds out I'm pregnant she'll make it worse for us..

If I'd be pregnant of a girl I'll be really really scared...

I'm even scared she'll tell the boys things like "babies love it when you press a teddy to their face and don't let her (me) tell you that's not true because I've had 3 babies and that is only her first"

I'm not sure if I should be scared about it but I am..

I know she resents me because she feels like I 'stole' her life.. Her mom likes me, her kids love me and her ex husband is now making a baby with me... They were divorced when I first went on a date with my husband but she thinks I'm the reason he left her but really he left her because she was cheating and therefor not putting effort in their relationship and also because she wanted another baby and he didn't...

They got divorced like 5 or 6 years ago But aparantly she's still hateful...

Sorry about the long all over the place telling... And thx for reading đŸ˜˜