Just gave birth


Was over 30 hours of labor via induction. I was not dilated when I went in so I had everything under the sun done to try an dilate me, I was closed. I got to 11:15 this morning and was checked they said I was 7 Cm they would check me again in 2 hours I kept having AWFUL pain telling them I had to push I was screaming an crying and nurse kept telling me it was contractions. I told them no I definitely have to push she told me I did not. Walked out and I was screaming again with the pushing sensation and my body took over. My husband ran out to get someone an everyone came running in an I was like I’ve got to push. And she was out in 4-5 pushes. I’ve been awake for 40 hours now and trying to get some rest here soon. My stomach hurts and my back other than that I’m okay!