Kinda weird situation and long post


So I have a super weird situation warning and caution talk of mc

Now I swear I thought I was having a miscarriage that’s what the hospital told me at least and I was heartbroken they told me my blood was less than two and I thought I was out well this was on Wednesday. So I call my doctor and explain to her what’s happening she sets me up with an appointment for today at 3 so I go to the appointment she wants to do blood work and urine and an ultrasound just to make sure everything is the same as what the hospital says. So we do the urine test and it comes back positive and not just any type of positive but it’s dark which I thought ok whatever doesn’t mean I’m still pregnant. So we move onto getting my blood taken she tells me that I’ll have the results before the end of the day and I say ok cool. So then she gives me an ultrasound which I’m like ok I have prepared me and my husband for this and now it’s going to be real. So she does the ultrasound which is abdominal at first and I’ll post the picture below which showed something immediately not only was it one sac but two of them so I tell her I’m still bleeding like a period she tell me that my blood will determine what’s going on but for now that there’s two sacs and just to live in the moment. So then we wrap up our appointment and I take my husband to a 3D/4d place and they scan me and again it’s two sacs and they say congrats  and we leave and I’m crying I’m crying so hard because I thought I lost my baby or should I say babies about three hours she’s calls me and tells em my levels have kore then tripled since the hospital visit the hospital my blood was <2 today it was 1896 and I am more than ecstatic I can’t share it anywhere else but here with you guys so I will.