Glad I found this group! Does this look/ sound ok??


Basically I believe I ovulated Nov 2 or Nov 3. My BFP was a faint line on Nov 11. Since then I believe my lines are getting darker but I’m not convinced. And honestly I think this is it for me testing because I’m going insane. I literally only have a few symptoms which also worries me... I’ve been gassy, crampy on and off, mild headaches, breasts tender and some bloating ...that’s about it. No nausea. Which concerns me. I believe I’m still early. My first appointment with my midwife is dec 19 so I have some ways to go. I’ll attach my tests (Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 15 top to bottom). I’m just worried because the lines aren’t that dark and I have no symptoms. Thoughts?? This is #3 for me... you think this would get easier but it doesn’t! I just want to feel relieved and excited.

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