Emotionally drained by my two year old & MIL

I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 and I’ve notice my two year old have been more clingy and uses his emotions a lot like anger. I’m trying my best to be patient and give him all of my attentions but whatever I do or say he will not listen and run around. It’s like I’m trying my best to hear him out but with my MIL adding more things to say to me is really kicking my ass. Yes I try to listen to her parenting advice but my son would not care and do what he wants only. I know there’s no good parent but I’ve been having so many breakdowns. I silently cry when I can because of everything going on. I’m at lost right now on what to do.

When I feed him he say no. So then I feel like a bad mom who can’t feed her child.

When I ask him to pick up his toys he says no

When I ask him to listen or don’t do this because he’s gonna get hurt he would say no and run off or continue to do it