Scared Bisexual

So I finally came out to myself as bisexual (20-BI-teen!) But I'm terrified of dating women.

For starters, my parents are religious AND conservative. Although they're not crazy, they're staunchly against same-sex marriage.

I'm also afraid because I have only been in heterosexual relationships. I fancy the idea of being with a woman sexually and romantically but there's already a general distrust towards people who are bisexual. I've been lucky. I haven't met anyone who has reacted negatively when I came out to them. But I'm afraid that when I take that extra step I will royally fuck up or panic and then someone will tell me, "you're not bisexual" or "you're confused" or "you just want attention/to feel special."

It also doesn't help that I would not be able to have a fulfilling relationship while being in the closet with my family. Or that's how I feel anyway.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to gain from posting this. I guess I just want to get it out and see what other people's reactions are. Specifically from the LGBTQ community.